Some Chai, a lot of Conversation, and a Canvas

Brewing a perfect cup of tea requires patience, practice, and preparation. The tea master Krishna has all of these qualities and much more.

His tea house stands out from the line of shops in Bundi, the walls sprinkled with colorful doodles and graffiti. They are souvenirs by travelers from everywhere. A vibrant and ever changing canvas of color and expression.

Guests are drawn, intrigued to know more.

As the tea brews, Krishna hands you a box of paints and some brushes so you too can leave your mark on the wall. He graciously encourages you to express yourself.

Then comes the tea, exuding aromas of a spice box – ginger, cardamom and maybe a hint of pepper.

As the tea is sipped, the conversations ebb and flow like the tides of the ocean. Strangers in the shop can become friends.

Where is Bundi?

A small town in Rajashtan, India which can be explored by walking.

Where is the chai shop?

Krishna’s Chai Shop is located on the main road towards the Bundi fort.

Chai Shop Directions

When is tea time?

Anytime is good. However, the Indian way of having chai at 4pm is a great way to wind down the day after all the walking.

How to get to Bundi?

Catch a flight to Jaipur, followed by a car to Bundi.

Bundi Directions

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