Go Local | An East Indian Getaway |

Gorai beach has always been a quick getaway for those of us who live in the Bay.

Planning your next break here? Try the local transport just for the experience, instead of getting your car or Uber.

Arrive at Borivali station using the AC local train.
Take a shared Auto to Borivali jetty or board the AC bus # 294
Take the ferry and get off at Gorai jetty.
From the jetty take an auto to the beach or resort.

Another option is to arrive at Bhyander Station and take a shared auto or board the local bus. This is a longer route.

For those who can use the metro get off at Don Bosco Metro station and take an auto or bus to Borivali jetty.

Things to do
Breathe the salty beach air
Visit the Pagoda for a round of meditation
Get to know about the history of the Holy Magi Church which is here since 1810
Try some local East Indian Cusine it’s yummy, ask around the auto stand
Explore the villages dotted with crosses and statues of saints
Buy some fresh fish
Visit the miraculous statute of Mother Mary

Did you know?

The real Mumbaikars, are the East Indians. They are the original inhabitants who live in Gorai, Manori, Uttan and the surrounding coastal areas.

Christianity is the dominant faith in the locality.

Marathi is widely spoken, with an East Indian dialect.

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