Docile and Dramatic || Indravati and Chitrakoot

The soft glow of a full moon lights up the cascading falls. Its faint gushing sound allows me to relax after the long bike ride over the winding roads of Bastar.

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I fall asleep in anticipation of what the next day would bring.

It is 5am and I have a panoramic view of the valley from the balcony of my hotel room. A heavy mist hangs around like curtains waiting to part and reveal what’s behind them.

The legendary waterfalls of Chitrakoot are not for the faint hearted. Its waters fall gushing, thundering and loud as she makes her exit from the horse shoe shaped rocks, that she has carved over the eons.

The falls originate from the serene Indravati river. She glides through the tribal heartland of Bastar. Her waters provide sustenance and abundance to the people. The rich and green rice paddy fields, deep wells and farms found across the district are her generous offerings.

Like a goddess, the river Indravati knows when to be docile and when to be dramatic. From orange and purple hued sunsets framing her calm waters, she can transform into a thunderous and torrential waterfall.

Travel Essentials

How to reach: About 38kms away from Jagadalpur, Chitrakoot is a well connected by road. Locals from neighboring villages usually do a day trip to visit these falls.

Stay : Comfortable stays at the Dandami Resort. The adventurous can camp on top of the waterfalls. Contact for such experiences.

What else to do : View the falls from the top viewing deck located near the Dandami resort.

Boat rides are available after the rains, which take you to the foot of the falls. If watching the waters plunge down in an ear deafening sound and getting completely drenched is your vibe, then it is a definite must do.

Meet up with the local tribes. Attend one of their many ceremonies if possible.

Best time to visit: Immediately after the monsoons are over to see the falls in their full capacity. Oct to Feb are the best times.

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