The Qutub Shahi Dynasty – Eternally Resting

Silence is the dress code for most of the final resting places. The tombs of Qutub Shahi were no different.
Located on a busy crossroad of old Hyderabad, as you step into its lush gardens the sounds of city die and get buried here.

The Qutub Shahi dynasty were the founding family of this glittering and vibrant city. This has been the final resting place for most of the royal family alongwith their hakims (doctors), courtesans, wives and children.

A perfect ode to the royal family, the monuments have a simplistic appeal, yet they are elegantly designed in the finest Persian and Islamic architecture.

It was not the perfect season to be in Hyderabad, though. The radiating heat from the boulders and rocks added to the rising temperatures and I could see mirages of swimming pools and ice buckets.

A cool breeze engulfed me as I entered the tomb complex and I smelt rain.

Hallucinating again!!.

A soft drizzle fell around me. OK…I was not hallucinating, it was really starting to rain 🙂

I inhaled the delicious smell of earth…and dead leaves….which calmed me down and I relaxed welcoming the showers of blessings.

A huge tomb towered over me as soon as I entered the garden complex. I guess it belonged to someone important.
There are several tombs that are prominently larger and many smaller ones scattered around the gardens.

The bigger tombs are dominated by a huge dome and are based on a wide stone platform.
Infinite arches, pillars and engravings inside and outside tombs add to the splendor. The faded red and blue tile work gives a glimpse of the skillfully done intricate decoration.

The smaller tombs too, have been artistically decorated. The deceased are buried in a crypt below with the tombstone above them.

Several trees surround the tombs enhancing the architecture. Walking on the wet grass, the tress drenched with rain drops and the smell of summer flowers upgraded my experience. I could spend an entire day in the company of these silent monuments.

For the FOMO explorers –

There is a hammam (bathing space) for the dead, a mosque, a stepwell, and temple which I could not explore.

Know before you go –

Ibrahim Bagh surrounds the Qutub Shahi tomb complex. The trees bursting with flowers and chirping birds, makes this a great spot for reading or catching up with friends.

Slow travelers, architecture and history enthusiasts will love this place.

Qutub Shahi is also an excellent location for photographers.
Capturing the monuments during golden hour or in the rain takes your photography to another level. Do note that the place closes at 5pm. Plan around 2 to 3 hours here.

It is recommended to explore Qutub Shahi late afternoon, followed by the sound and light show at Golconda fort, to beat the Hyderabad heat.

Try the local transport – Take the metro to Lakdhi Ka Pool stop, get off here and take bus #66 to Qutub Shahi and Golconda fort. Uber and Ola cabs are available. Autos are another good option.

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