Who is the real monster?

Today we run around like headless chickens in search for life saving drugs, a bed, a ventilator

While the people in power sit back and watch us burn
They have not lost an old parent, a young mother, or a child
They have not witnessed the pleading eyes of people begging to be saved
For the people in power the beds and ventilators are just a phone call away

While we have to wait in the scorching sun maybe for a bed or maybe to cremate our loved ones, our tears and sweat mixed together

Religion and elections are prioritized over human life
Ripped jeans are more concerning than the ripped hopes of a dying man
We are only a statistic for them

The endless dedication and patience of our medical workers hold no value
They are expected to perform like machines and have become numb and depressed with the horrors they have witnessed

The Holy men will go on to infect thousands of our vulnerable population, so will their dip in the Ganges really wipe away their sins?

Our social media feeds are filled with information and pleas of help

The people in power know that as a country we will rally ourselves and come together to fight this monster
They only passively watch our anguish
Just like Nero watched while Rome burned
And when the dust settles they will take the credit and win our votes.

In memory of all who have died waiting to be saved.

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