Tea and Tranquility – A Photo story

The rain falls gently, drenching the hills and valleys with its cool touch.


I stand, face up feeling the cool rain fall on me. Waves of mist follow after the showers embracing the hills and valleys.


The rains make Munnar look like a goddess doing the flamenco!


Her flowing gown has shades of green and emerald, strewn with raindrops glistening like diamonds.


She has flowers of every shade in her hair and the white mist is her veil.


I gulp in the fresh air and every breath rejuvenates my senses.


Growing tea is the dominant industry in Munnar and the picturesque tea gardens attract people to soak in the serenity and tranquility.


Silver oaks and green tea bushes are found growing everywhere, from the rolling hills to the small open spaces.


Women pick tea leaves early in the morning and take it back for further processing.


Bird songs are heard across the trees, rendering sweet music to the ears.


I was lost into my phone and almost missed the visual imagery on display.  The color contrast was a visual treat for my tired eyes and hurting neck.

k4Ditch the phone and see natures magic in High Definition 3D.

DSC_0145The moods of Munnar change when the sun is out.


She is vibrant and full of color. It feels like there is laughter and cheer in the air.


A vantage view point from my hotel garden….


Tea and mist everywhere!!


Travel to Munnar 

The nearest airport is Kochi.

Munnar is around 4 hours by road from Kochi. Hire a cab from the airport or self drive enjoying the crisp mountain air.

Responsible travellers / Budget travellers can take the state transport bus from Kochi and still enjoy the pleasures mentioned above without the hassles of driving.


At a resort or homestay away from the main market area and soak in the glorious views over a cup of locally brewed tea 🙂

I splurged my money at Abad Copper Castle, and you can too. The food is great and the views from the hotel are perfect.

Things to do

Absolutely nothing, just chill with a book and some tea. Take long walks exploring the tea gardens around you. I promise it will be the most relaxing weekend.

For the FOMO community:

  1. There are lakes and dams to drool upon, they are most beautiful.
  2. There are bike trails and hike trails to be explored.
  3. There are visits to tea museums and tea gardens to be ticked off the list.
  4. There is wild life and bird watching to be experienced.
  5. Shop for tea and chocolates in the market area.

Ask your hotel to arrange these for you.

Happy Weekend!!


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