Birds Of Paradise

A ribbon of coral and white fills the horizon. It moves in wavelike motions. As we get closer the ribbon seems to be breaking up.

A flight of flamingos take off flapping their great wings.


A two hour drive from Pune brings you to the Ujani lake and dam. This manmade lake built near the village of Kumbhargaon hosts a variety of migratory birds who make the long journey from neighboring countries.


The wetland area around the village is known as Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary.

Flamingos are the largest bird species found in the backwaters of Ujani. Besides flamingos, bar headed geese, spoon bills, eagles, painted storks and many other bird species are also spotted here.



The village of Kumbhargaon hosts visitors who come to watch the birds. The Nagare family are well known in the village and will arrange for birding excursions and overnight stays if required.

They also conduct day trips, where visitors are taken by boat into the interiors of the lake to watch the flamingos and other bird species.


The algae being plentiful attracts the birds here, making this place a treat for bird watchers. The best months to visit are Dec to Feb. A perfect day trip when in Pune, bring your kids along.

The trip ends with some wholesome rustic lunch. Try the locally caught fish from the lake.

FB_IMG_1496334204630FB_IMG_1496334195382~2Travel Advisory:

  • Kumbhargaon is a two hour drive from Pune
  • Reach the village by 7am else the sun gets intense later
  • The village has basic amenities so dont expect a luxurious stay
  • The Nagare family will organize the lunch, stay, boat and guide for you. They are locals from the village and have good knowledge about the birds. You have to call in advance to book. Contact 9960610615, 8087767691 , 9665913842 ,9325051019
  • Get binoculars as it will enhance your experience
  • A great place for bird lovers and birding photo opportunities
  • Travel to the Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary if time permits, but can be missed 🙂



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