Micro Breaks – 3.0 Smoking Rocks – Hogenakkal Falls

Hola Amigos,

Hogenakkal – what does this word mean? This is two words, Hoge in Kannada means smoke and Kal means Rocks.

So yeah this photostory is all about my day trip to the Smoking Rocks.

We were a group of colleagues who were temporarily staying in Bangalore for a project. We were wondering how to pass the weekend. Hogenakkal was recommended by one of our local colleagues and that’s it we decided to go there.

Hogenakkal lies at the border of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and it is the waterfalls of the Cauvery River.

We hired a car from Bangalore. The roads are very good and so we had a smooth ride. It takes approximately 3 hours by road.


The late morning sun was shining down when we reached Hogenakkal. The area was crowded with people as it was the weekend.

As we were walking towards the falls I saw groups of people standing under some falls enjoying the water, fish frying everywhere, stalls selling junk food, cold drinks etc and boatmen asking you to come for a ride.

There was a slight climb to go up to see the falls better. The area was not crowded as well. So we started walking up.

On reaching the top the sight was beautiful. There was a long gorge with water flowing and all along the walls of the gorge were the waterfalls.


They were simply amazing and breathtaking. The spray of the water was falling on us very gently which was very refreshing.




And yes we were a crazy bunch so we had lots of crazy pics with the falls as the backdrop.

After sometime we descended down near the banks of the river. We saw several boatmen with circular bamboo boats. I had only seen these in the movies so was intrigued to know what they were.


These boats are known as Coracles. They have been in use since ancient times to ferry people across the river.

We decided to go for a ride in one of these. It is better to bargain and make a deal before you go for a ride as the boatman will overcharge you.

The boat ride was pleasant and calming. We went towards the calmer part of the river where the water was still and the place was silent.




It is advisable to carry some packed lunch / snacks as very little choices are available at the spot.

There are shops selling the basic chips, biscuits and cold drinks.

Ofcourse there were a lot of places frying fish, but we were not sure about it as it did not look very appetizing. The place does not score high on hygiene.

So if you really wanna try the fish it is better to buy the fish and the other ingredients yourself and then give it to the shops for frying.

The oil massages though popular with the males were a total turn off for me. Again hygiene was a concern. I don’t recommend this for anyone.

There is a crocodile farm near the falls. The farm was not that great, we went to see it out of curiosity and click some more crazy pics with the crocs 😉



Once we had finished with the sightseeing of the waterfalls we drove towards the river banks of the Cauvery. We spent the afternoon on the banks chilling. It’s a good place to have lunch and take a nap.



Then we started with our onward journey back home. The drive back home was very silent as we were all tired; however we enjoyed the beautiful sunset and the scenery.


Hogenakkal is a must visit and a worthwhile day trip. So if you are in Bangalore with a free day, do visit this place. The next time I’m here will surely try to go back to Hogenakkal.

Transport – Advisable to drive down here or better still ride down here 🙂

Food – nothing much available, and I did not find it hygienic so carry your own grub

Scenery – the best, no need to go to Niagara… first see this 😉

There are beautiful and unforgettable memories of my stay in Bangalore and Hogenakkal is one of them 🙂


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