Micro Breaks – 2.0 Varsoli Beach, Alibag

Snooze Reboot Relax it’s summer………..and time for me to write about my next micro break.

If you want to unwind and have a relaxing weekend near Mumbai, then Varsoli near Alibag is the place to be.

This place is near Alibaugh and that what makes it special. It is one of the lesser known beaches from the rest of the popular beaches around the area. But it is one of the cleanest and less populated beaches so would highly recommend it.


My family needed a quick weekend break so we zeroed on Varsoli as this place requires minimum planning and it is very close to Mumbai.

We booked MRSTC tickets online. This is a very cost effective option if you are a budget traveler or an impulsive traveler (like me). It takes around 4 hours of travel time. If you take the 6am bus from Borivali you should reach at around 1030am.


We had prebooked a hotel after searching the internet for options.There are several hotel stay options available for all types of budgets and the room bookings can be done online.

It is advisable to pre book your stay since the weekend attracts crowds from all over and you don’t want to be left with a poor choice of rooms.

We checked into our cottage and had the entire day to ourselves.

Since it is very hot during the day instead of going to the beach we preferred to finish off with some shopping.

There are konkan food specialty shops selling all various items such as malvani, agri masalas, spice powders, chutneys, squashes, tea masala, papads, honey, locally made sweets from mangoes & amala, kokum, tamarind and many more things.

I recommend hiring an autorickshaw and going towards Nagaon beach, you will see a few Konkan Food Markets on the way.

Shop from here as these places have locally made food items which will be of good quality.

We also went further onto to Nagaon and purchased some rice. There is a wholesale vendor in Nagaon who sells good quality rice. Also you can buy the popular maharashtrain food item – thalipeet from him; it’s a healthy breakfast option.

We headed back to our hotel in time for lunch. Now is the best part.


Highly recommended – have all your meals at Padmaratna restaurant in Mhatre Wadi.

This is a very simple place run by a very homely lady and her family. Place your order in advance and go for a stroll at the beach nearby. Then comeback and pick it up.

I assure you the food is fresh and will give you a taste of the local food culture.
You can sit there and have your meals however there is not enough space so advice you to do a take out.

After devouring lunch and a couple of chilled beers we had the most wonderful afternoon siesta 🙂


The evening beckoned us to the beach. We went for a long stroll, taking in the sights and sounds.


The beautiful sunset, the birds flying back, the fishermen going deep into the sea, fish drying on the beach, the soft sand, wetting our feet in the water, the waves splashing on and on……..



It is a good time for some poses for the camera and taking a few good shots of the sunset and other sights. Sit down on the cool sand and gaze into the ocean. It will relax your mind and body.


The next morning we planned a visit to the local market near the Alibagh bus stand. This is a must visit if you want to have a feel of the local life.

You have to explore the lanes across the bus stand area, as the market is hidden from view.


There were locally grown mangoes, watermelons, black jamuns, coconuts etc. You also have local fruit like tadgola …refreshing in the summers, love apples (jaam), amlas, star fruit and many more on sale.

One of the specialties of this region is white onions. You will find it on sale at every corner, lane, cart ….everywhere. It’s a must buy local item.


Also don’t miss a visit to the local fish market. It is worth a dekkho to check out the catch for the day.


Now after all that shopping we were tired and exhausted.

The best way to beat the heat and exhaustion is to visit Kanhaiya Ice cream shop opposite the taxi stand.

It is an easy to miss shop, so keep your eyes open. The best kulfi and local ice creams in Alibagh are found here. All the kulfis are good.

But the Dinshaw Mango stick is to die for. It is pure mango on a stick; no artificial ice crap that the other companies sell.

Im still searching for Dinshaw in Mumbai, not finding 😦

We left Varsoli in the evening feeling refreshed and happy, hoping to come back soon.

PS: This is something spooky that I would like to share, let me know what you think. I can write another blog on my spooky encounters in Alibagh 😉



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