Micro Breaks – Discovering the Urban Hinterland – 1.0 BHATE, UTTAN

Are you tired of staring thoughtlessly at the same scenery on your way to work and then back home?
Do you want a quick escape not very far from home?
Do you want some solo time, me time, some time to clear your head and reconnect with your soul, heart whatever?

Then worry not….micro breaks are here at your service.

These series are dedicated to quick and simple getaways from the daily routine of life. The locations are not far away and are easily accessible by local train or bus.

I start the series with something spiritual but with a twist.

The first getaway I recommend is the Vellankanni Church at Bhate beach in Uttan, Bhyandar. Why this place first?
Well – This is the first place that I visited and checked out, so it will feature first in my series naturally 🙂

So I boarded the train onward to Bhyandar. From Bhyandar you can catch the local bus service that will take you to Uttan – Bus number 1 or 2. From Uttan you catch a sharing auto which is Rs. 10 per person. The auto takes you right to the church.

The bus ride is perfectly alright though you can opt to go directly by auto from Bhyandar station to the the church. It would cost you around Rs. 100 approx.

Though the ride to Uttan is a little long – around 45 mins or so, the ride from Uttan to the church is only around 10 mins. So within an hour you can reach the place from Bhyandar station.

The church faces the ocean and the area around is open and not at all crowded. You can visit the church and sit for a while in the peaceful silence. The only sounds you will hear are the ocean, the trees in the wind and the birds. A great place to go back to your Centre and maybe meditate or pray.


When you come outside there is an open compound where you can sit and gaze endlessly into the ocean. You can get some chai along in your thermos and enjoy the view with the cuppa.


The place is immensely peaceful especially in the evenings, so time yourself to arrive there around 5pm.

Next I saw a lot of steps that lead to a small hill where there is a huge cross. I knew the view would be worth it so decided to climb ….huffing and puffing… oh dear I’ve gotten old.



AWESOME…this word will automatically be spoken by you when climbing.

No, no, not because you can do the climb…but the view of the ocean will put a lot of things that are on your mind in perspective.


When I reached the top the sun was in setting mode…Awesome!!! There were fishing boats coming back to shore, birds flying into the sunset, fisher ladies gathering the drying fish into their baskets.

You know what comes next rite?

Awesome!!!  🙂




Stay a while at the top or stay till the sun sets, do as you feel. Let go of all your thoughts and worries. Make a wish instead 🙂

Take a lot of pics of the setting sun, the ocean, daily life of the fisherfolk whatever…go with the flow. This is ‘me’ time. Enjoy your company. Don’t rush yourself. Stay as long as you want to.



The place is very safe for women who want to go alone. The locals are helpful, though it helps if you know Marathi. But no worries even if you don’t.

If it’s getting dark I advise you to head back, as there could be no autos after sunset.

Hope you try this place out and please share your experience.

P. S – try vada pav and hot bhajjias from Annapurna Mahila Uphar stall at the uttan naka it’s worth it 🙂

Watch out for the next part of this series. Another quick escape is coming soon.


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